Gold Royal Honey (12 Satchets – 20g)

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extrahigh5Potency: Extra High Double Strength ????? 

Works in 3-6hrs • 3-5 day Activity

Storage: Keep in dry place at room temperature, keep out of reach of children.

Experience enhanced performance in the bedroom with the power to last longer and orgasm with heightened pleasure. Your strength and physical endurance will blow away you and your partner’s mind. Gold Royal Honey supplements your body with an instant source of energy and stamina so that you can enjoy your intimate moments without burning out or finishing too soon. Each sachet consists of organic natural honey and highly potent sources of sexual strength and testosterone. It also contains a mix of aphrodisiac roots and aromatic floral juices to maximise its effects.

  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Increased partner satisfaction
  • Longer lasting intimacy sessions
  • Increased stamina and strength
  • Enhanced fertility
  • Increased testosterone levels

Increase Your Sexual Power Gold Royal Honey is the ultimate way to boost your libido and physical desire allowing you to perform more often and be stronger.
Last Longer Be bigger, stronger and harder than you have ever been in bed with Gold Royal Honey’s highly potent formula.
Boost Your Confidence Blow your partner’s mind away with your increased performance and endurance during intimacy. Increase the volume of your semen.
Supplement Hormonal Health In addition to increasing your sexual desire, Gold Royal Honey increases your testosterone levels allowing you to workout effectively.
Ingredients: Pure Organic Honey, Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng), Tribulus Terrestris, Leledlum Peruvianum


Dosage: 1 sachet to be consumed in a 7 day period. This product is extra high strength we recommend only consuming half a sachet in one sitting and waiting a day to consume the second half. This product is designed for male consumption only.



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