Usage guidelines must be followed before consumption. Please be aware that you are recommended to only consume ONE single sachet of any product in a 7 day period. Always seek medical advice prior to consuming any health supplements. If you experience any symptoms discontinue use and seek medical advice.

Special Recommendation is advised for the two Double Strength boxes 20 gram satchets: Royal Honey Gold & Royal Honey Etumax – Only consume half a sachet and wait 24 hours until you take the second half of the same sachet. DO NOT take more then 1 honey at a time , especially in the 7 day period. Please allow at least 1 week until you consume another other honey product / coffee enhancer / Etumax Pro Capsules.


  • One sachet of honey will last about 1 week in your system for intimate activity. Intimate activity MUST be initiated for honey to work.
  • Please allow up to 8 hours for the honey to take into effect once consumed. The effects and kick in time of all products vary among individuals.
  • Ensure you are hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day after consuming honey products / candy / etumax pills. Most adults are recommended to drink around 2-3 litres of water per day as a norm.
  • We recommend following a healthy lifestyle, regular fitness and a balanced diet to reap maximum benefits of the products.
  • DO NOT consume more than 1 honey at a time – Dosage: 1 satchet in a 7 day period. Consume on an empty stomach during the day.


  • DO NOT mix products with alcohol or other forms of testosterone or energy products such as viagra, cialis, energy drinks etc.
  • Only Horse Load Semen Booster/HyperBurn can be taken in conjunction with any of the Honeys/Coffee Sexual Enhancers/Royal Candy/Etumax Pro X Capsules) products in store.
  • These products cannot be taken in the same week: Honey/Coffee Sexual Enhancer/Royal Candy/Etumax Pro X Capsules
  • Royal Honey is NOT for people with blood pressure issues or heart Issues.

Allergy Advice: Products contain honey and may have traces of bee, and bee pollen.

Instruction of use are set by manufacturers. Royal Honey UK is a supplier of these products. Please consult manufacturer for further details.